FIX PUBG LAG and FPS DROP and increase the performance of your phone

FIX PUBG LAG and FPS DROP and increase the performance of your phone

We at least all play PUBG MOBILE. And it's a game very popular. But it's a lot of laggards on cheap phones There is also the FPS drop. Most cheap phone users can not play smoothly. But we can use some methods to reduce its lag a bit. And your phone will run smoothly. And your phone's performance will increase a lot. 

So listen to all the things and understand it. 
I'm saying Step by Step

Benefits of:

Emperor Tweaks provides:
– Better RAM management
– Audio and Video Quality Tweaks
– Battery Efficiency Tweaks
– Performance Tweaks
– Steaming Tweaks
– Net Speed Tweak
– IPV4 and IPV6 Support
– 3G/4G Tweaks
– DNS Tweaks
– Gaming Tweaks
– Dalvik Virtual Machine Tweaks
– Responsiveness & Speed Tweaks
– Disable Logers
– Disable Kernel Error Checking
– System Tweaks
– Google Camera Implementation

Init.d Tweaks:
– 01Ram_Optimize
– 02Zipalign
– 03Remount_Full_Ext4
– 04Net_ Speed_Tweak
– 05Ext4_Lag_Fix
– 06System_Tweak
– 07Sqlite_Optimize

NFS is a universal module that will play more boards to bring a better performance with a good battery life.
Start after boot when first process is found ( Avoid bootloop )
SeLinux Permissive By Default
Supervision of kernel parameters
Adapts memory management according to available memory.
Auto Set Governor and Schreduler
Net Stimulation for better browsing
Disabling many unnecessary kernel elements ( Zram , Zswap … )
Tune Scale animations
Various built-in DNS customs ( Guard , CloudFlare , Google )
Minimal Fix Google PLay Services
Trim various partitions ( /system /data /cache )
Several modes available to provide optimal satisfaction according to your expectations
List Of Things Supported:
# SUPPORT GOVERNORS = pixel_schedutil helix_schedutil smurfutil_flex pixutil pwrutilx darkness schedutil blu_schedutil blu_active elementalx zzmoove interactive_pro interactiveplus interactiveX interactive ondemand performance
# SUPPORT SCHEDULER = anxiety maple fiops sioplus sio zen tripndroid row bfq cfq deadline noop
# SUPPORT TCP = sociopath westwood cubic reno
Battery Saver | Balanced | Ultra Mode | Gaming Mode

In total, it unlocks your phone's CPU frequency and governor's power and unlocks your phone's best performance by adding some tweaks to Build.prop. This will drain your battery a bit more. (I did not say much)

All you need to do:

* A Rooted Phone
* TWRP / any Custom Recovery Installed
* And 3 FILES:
2) NFS
(Keep these files in all internal storage. Do not keep in a separate folder)

How to do:
:::: STEP 1 :::::
1) Back up your phone's RAM first.
2) Go to your Custon Recovery (TWRP) now.

3) Now go to Install and flush the NFS Injector first
4) Then flush the Emperor Tweaks.
5) Now reboot your phone to the system.
::::: STEP 2 :::::
1) Extract the 60fps by BADHON file.
2) Copy the UserCustom.ini file. (use es explorer explorer)
3) Now this time
Android / data / com.tencent.ig / files / UE4Game / ShadowTrackerExtra / ShadowTrackerExtra / Saved / Config / Android /
Paste in [/ b]

:::: STEP 3 ::::
1) Open the ES FILE MANAGER.
2) Go to / data / NFS
3) Open the mode.txt file now.
4) Now write 0 to 2, then save.
5) Reboot the phone.
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