Huawei $1050 phone is selling at $130

Huawei $1050 phone is selling at $130

Suddenly, the popularity of the Chinese smartphone brand Huawei P30 Pro has fallen flat.
But the year's flagship was in possession of these handsets.

It is known that this $1050 phone is now available for $ 130.

Forbes Magazine said that after asking for a ban on Huawei in the United States and some Google services on Huawei, a demand for such prices is being offered on a smartphone market in the UK. As it turned out, Huawei's flagship phone fell nearly 90 percent.

Huawei's Smartphone, which took quite notice at the beginning of the year, Its great design gets good reviews. Besides, the long-term battery and Leica quad cameras were all set to take advantage of the specialty.

At the time, a report of the International Data Corporation revealed that Huawei will finally get Samsung top of the world market.

There is also more information that Huawei maintains 50 percent growth over the years. And in the meantime, the restriction of trump administration was imposed on the company.

Then a decision made by Google was to face major business losses in the west due to Huawei.

Meanwhile, the UK-based chip maker ARM has instructed the workers to suspend all contracts, services and remaining activities with Huawei.
It is known that Huawei is already working on creating its own app store in an effort to survive in such a situation.

In addition, Huawei's operating system, ARM chip, SD card and WiFi license are also being talked about. Tech researchers have said that Huawei is trying to come back to the global market with these activities.
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