New Trends to Earn Money Online – Gaming Tops Charts

New Trends to Earn Money Online – Gaming Tops Charts

There are numerous ways to make money online, from trading Bitcoin to renting out your apartment. On some websites, you can offer virtually any service for pay. The gigs don’t always pay handsomely, but they can help you save up on money to buy a great video game.

Lately, gaming has been topping charts of some of the most lucrative ways to earn money online. It’s not really surprising if you’ve been following news on the richest streamers and gamers 2019. PewDiePie, for example, has a fortune worth $20 million. Ninja comes in second at $10 million. And if you consider casino players, you’ll be surprised to know some of them are worth billions of dollars.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the trendiest ways to make money online, more so, for gaming fans.

Sell Gaming Merchandise Online
You’ve probably heard stories of people who quit their day jobs to become online entrepreneurs. You could make a similar career move and earn millions selling gaming-related merchandise. You don’t even have to leave your current job.

If you can find a good product and identify the right market for it, there’s a lot of money in the gaming industry. The product you choose doesn’t have to be unique, though. You could sell T-shirts, socks, gaming chairs or hoodies.

However, you must be prepared to tackle the murky waters of entrepreneurship head-on. There’s plenty of competition in the gaming merchandise business. Identify a relatively untapped market for the best chance of success.

Sell your Gaming Data
Data usage is a controversial topic now that most people want companies to respect their right to privacy. But if you are not so attached to your privacy, you can allow sites like Facebook and to track your data in exchange for money.

Facebook pays you to track how you use your mobile phone. You don’t need to be a massive gamer to benefit from the program. The only requirement is to reside in the USA or India and be above 18 years., on the other end, pays you to track everything you do online. However, the site only pays you if it successfully finds a buyer for your data.

Another company, the, collects and sells your data to fund crucial projects in the developing world. As such, you don’t entirely profit, but you benefit in that you help humanity by giving up your data.

Casino Gaming
PewDiePie is rich, but he owns little compared to some of the world’s best casino players. Most of them play poker or bet on sports, but a few made their earnings after hitting slots and lottery jackpots. Sam Farha and Phil Ivey, both poker players, sit on a combined fortune of $200 million.

Of course, these guys have been in the business for decades, but they provide proof that you can successfully beat the house. Where do you start? Choose a casino game. Poker is the best game for people who love skill-based games.

Slots, on the other end, are great games for casual gamblers. They are games of pure chance, meaning you don’t need skills to play them. New online slots are entertaining, nonetheless. More importantly, they pay out real money, sometimes vast sums of cash. 18+. Gamble Responsibly.

Streaming on Facebook
Twitch might have pioneered the idea of online gaming, but more and more people are turning to Facebook for streaming. Their reasons mainly revolve around money. The site also notes the number of Facebook streamers is on the rise although it’s still a fraction of that of Twitch.

Facebook has about 153,000 streamers while Twitch boasts of three million monthly streamers. So, why choose Facebook over Twitch? The social media giant pays you to stream. More precisely, Facebook pays you $1 every time 100 people give a ‘star’ to your stream.

Facebook also lets people subscribe to your channel for $4.99 per month. So, if one thousand people subscribe, you’ll have a cool $4,990 each month. The best part about Facebook is that it has a lot more viewers than Twitch.

Of course, you’ll need to build an audience to earn money. But as reports gathered by, many streamers believe it’s easier to make money streaming on Facebook than through Twitch.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing describes finding customers for brands in exchange for commissions. It’s a timeless Internet making channel, and it’s becoming popular among gamers. It’s easy to become a marketer, but it takes excellent skills and hard work to find enough customers to earn you decent commissions.

In the gaming scene, you can become an affiliate marketer on social media, YouTube, Twitch and blogs. Social networks like Facebook and Instagram are great platforms for new marketers. However, blogs, YouTube and Twitch offer the biggest potential to earn from marketing.
If you have a massive following on YouTube, for example, you can earn hundreds or thousands of dollars each month. However, you must identify a suitable product people you vlog to would be willing to buy. The same applies to blogs and Twitch.

An audience alone can’t guarantee you’ll succeed. You must have a product your audience like, preferably something related to what you blog or stream about.

Gig Sites
The gig economy is continuously changing, creating a series of new opportunities each month. So, whether you love writing or programming, testing upcoming games or marketing them, there’s something you can do in exchange for money.
Join as many gig sites, and you can and register your most valuable skills. If you commit your time and effort into it, you could earn a livelihood online. If not convinced, you can do online jobs on your free time and observe how it goes.

The Takeaway
Making money online is nothing new, but there are new trends in how people do it. Some people sell their old clothes while others flip the items they buy on Walmart. Gamers who want to benefit from these trends can use some of the ideas shared above. Most of them are simple to start and don’t cost much.

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