Keep your mobile phone Coronavirus free

Coronavirus can spread through your mobile phone, not just by breath or contact. Scientists have heard such panic. According to a Stanford survey, there are more germs than toilet seats on mobile phones.

Researchers say that coronavirus can survive for up to 9 days on any metal, glass and plastic.

How to protect your mobile phone

  • First, switch off the phone and open the back cover.
  •  Wash and dry your hands before and after holding the phone.
  • Or use a sanitizer repeatedly.
  • Make sure your phone has a screen guard.
  • For cleaning mobile phones, clean with spirit microfiber cloth.
  • Not only the screen of the mobile but also the outside of the back of the mobile must be cleaned in the same way.
  • Earbuds need to clean the charging port and the rear speakers well.
  • If the plastic and silicone backcover is on the phone, take it off and sanitize it in hot water.
  • Use earphones or headphones as much as possible to talk
  • Wait 5 minutes for the phone and cover to be clean. Then switch on the mobile phone.
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