Apple's lawsuit against YouTube

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has filed a lawsuit against YouTube over virtual currency bitcoin fraud.

He has filed a case against YouTube alleging that a class of people is cheating on YouTube by using pictures and videos. News from the BBC.

Referring to the recent Bitcoin fraud on YouTube in connection with the recent hacking, Steve said:

Meanwhile, Google, the parent company of YouTube, said that the issue of misuse and forgery of his (Steve Wozniak's) video will be seriously investigated. YouTube, like Google, relies heavily on algorithms. They do not have any special software or technology to prevent criminal activities.

Steve Wozniak said he was in trouble for not handling YouTube fraud. If YouTube had taken the necessary steps in time to stop the fraud, we would not have had to face this unpleasant situation now.

In the complaint, he said that this ‘huge’ scandal or fraud of cryptocurrency is still going on on YouTube. Already 10 million US dollars worth of cryptocurrency has been stolen.
The idea is that this cryptocurrency fraud has spread like a flu worldwide.Last month, the cycle created a similar channel to Elon Musk's YouTube channel 'Space X' from viewers in the video live stream cryptocurrencies worth about 1.5 million were snatched from the audience.

A report by the Cryptocurrency Monitoring Service Whale Alert indicates that fraudsters have seized bitcoins worth about  2.5 billion in the last six months.

Advocate Joe Coshett, Steve's legal representative, linked the Twitter hack and the fraud on YouTube together.

Coshett said Twitter was able to stop the fraudulent activity within a day of the leaking of the accounts of 130 celebrities. However, YouTube has shown the complete opposite of Twitter. In the hope of making a profit, YouTube has been promoting fake channel content for months in order to meet its advertising targets.

Meanwhile, in a lawsuit filed by cryptocurrency company Ripple Lab, YouTube came up with the legal term information that if someone is cheated by third party content, YouTube is not responsible for that content or cheating.
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