Chrome flag feature for user protection

Google Chrome is working on a new feature to protect the user from data theft as a means of filling out dangerous forms.

This flagship feature of Chrome will protect the user from hacking of personal information by automatically filling in the information of "risky" sites. News of Taekwondo

This flag feature will be called "Disable Autofill for Mixed Forms" and the feature will prevent all types of information (eg email ID, accessing address) from being filled in automatically. However, this protection will only apply to HTTP sites.

This flag feature Artificial Intelligence will alert the user if they notice a risky site.

The warning states that information is likely to be stolen, leaked and hacked. "The information in the form is being sent through an insecure connection and your information, such as your password, email, message or credit card details, etc., may be leaked to a third party." Will be mentioned.

Warning will give 2 options for the user. He can fill out the form and submit it if he wants or he can refrain from accessing the site to protect the information.

While the flag feature is against automatic data filling, it will work without any problems with automatic data filling in the case of verified and secure sites.

If users want to enable this flag feature, type chrome: // flags in the search bar of Google Chrome 86 Canary and enter and disable two files named “Disable autofill for mixed forms” and “Mixed forms interstitial”.

Chrome will launch this flag feature in late October. Users of Linux, Android, Mac and Windows will be able to enjoy this feature.
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