Messenger's new privacy feature

Facebook has introduced two new privacy features for Messenger. Through this, Messenger is now much more secure, claims Facebook.

A feature can be used to specify who can interact with the user. Other features include a special applock feature for accessing the Messenger app on mobile phones.

Facebook has created an interface that works in tandem with the security lock of the mobile phone, the applock feature added to Messenger.

Using the fingerprint, facelock or other security of the user's phone, the privacy feature will bring extra protection for the user. As a result, no one other than the customer will be able to access Messenger using the mobile phone.

The feature is currently offered for the iOS operating system. It will also be launched for the Android operating system in the next few months.

A few more new privacy features are also being added to Facebook. Through which the Facebook application will also have a few more features including the applock feature, the modern feature of blocking.

Using the feature, a user can manually determine whose calls or messages will arrive and where they will or will not actually arrive.

Experimental work is underway on another feature in Messenger. With the feature, a user can see the image of the messages of strangers in the Message Requests folder in a blurred or blurred state. As a result it will be convenient for the user to avoid embarrassing situations / scams.

The world's largest social media platform has the personal information of more than 200 million subscribers.

The social media has been criticized more than once for failing to protect customers' information. Criticism of Facebook spread, especially after the "Cambridge Analytica scandal".

In the case of Cambridge Analytica, Facebook disclosed the information of about 7.6 crore users to third parties.

Also last year millions of Instagram passwords were found stored as plain text, which is only supposed to be with the customer of the account. Even Facebook has been collecting e-mail data from more than 1.5 million subscribers without permission for years.
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