Huawei 5G service banned in UK

Mobile phone service providers in the UK will not be able to buy any more 5G products from Huawei after the end of this year. In addition, the British government has ordered the Chinese company to remove all 5G devices from their network by 2027. The country's Minister of Culture, Media and Sports Oliver Dowden made the announcement on Tuesday.

The United States recently imposed sanctions on Huawei, citing threats to national security. This time the United Kingdom, one of their main allies, took a similar decision.

5G services have already been launched in several areas of the UK. However, Dauden said the process of 5G expansion across the country could be delayed by a year due to the ban on Huawei products. It could also cost at least 2000 million pounds.

"The decision was not easy," he said. But it is also important for the UK's national security and economy. "

Huawei called the ban "bad news for UK mobile phone users." The Chinese company warned that this would slow down digital services in the country, increase costs and increase technological fragmentation.
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