Apple removed 30,000 Chinese apps

Apple has removed about 30,000 apps from the App Store. There are more than 26 thousand gaming apps. Reuters quoted the survey firm Quimai as saying.

Earlier this year, Apple told gaming app developers that the app would be removed from the store if it did not submit a government license number by June.

This rule has been followed for a long time in the Android App Store of China. Apple has not yet officially said anything about this.

Apple had earlier removed more than 2,500 apps from the App Store in early July.

According to China's Internet policy, a game or its update must be approved by the country's administration before it can be uploaded to the Apple Store. It takes about six months to a year to get this approval after going through all the steps of the rules. China does not approve licenses for more than one and a half thousand games every year.

As a result, game developers will have to wait a long time to return to the Apple Store.
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