Google Play Music is shutting down!

Google is shutting down Play Music in the UK next October. Google has decided to popularize the YouTube music app. News from the BBC.

The service will be discontinued in New Zealand and South Africa from September, according to technology website The Verge. The Google Play Music service will be completely shut down from December.

The BBC says that although the Google Play Music app has been added to Android phones as a pre-installed, it has not been as popular as Spotify and Apple Music. Failed to attract users.

Google says there are 70 million songs on the YouTube music app. Free songs can be heard. Users will be notified before the Play Music service closes. YouTube music will be pre-installed on phones with Android 10.

Users will have the opportunity to transfer playlists, artists, albums, songs, purchased content, recommendations and uploads sections before closing.

Experts say that Google is moving in the right direction by exploiting the popularity of YouTube.

Google Play Music launched in November 2011. The number of subscribers to YouTube music app and Google Play music is 2 crore.
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