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Instagram Reels will be more fun now

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Instagram is one of the most used social media applications in the world right now. Not just for sharing photos and videos, everything from influencers, content creators to promoting brands has fueled Instagram's popularity.

Instagram has rolled out a new feature for content creators and messages. Instagram brings schedule post and real feature for users. Creators can now schedule their content with this new feature. Content can be scheduled for 75 days.

A new tool has been introduced in the settings section of the Instagram app to use this feature. This new option will be launched for all users very soon. In addition, Instagram has brought another feature. This is also for content creators.

A new achievements section has been added to the platform. Through this, creators can see their various achievements in that section. After unlocking that achievement, they will see their various rewards and activities there. At the same time, creators can also track their various activities and rewards through that section.

Instagram is also experimenting with several new features. The platform is rolling out one feature after another to improve the user experience of using Instagram.

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