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Earn money by making 15 second videos on YouTube

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Popular video streaming platform YouTube is adding features one after another. The platform is all about improving the user experience of using YouTube. Now users can earn lakhs of rupees from YouTube by making only 15 second videos.

Recently, this video platform has given an opportunity to earn by uploading only 15 second videos. Basically, Google brought YouTube shorts a few years ago to beat TikTok. But so far content creators could not earn from shorts. However, YouTube said that this time there will be an opportunity to earn from this 15-second video.

It is heard that the YouTube shorts monetization process will start from the beginning of next month i.e., from February 1, 2023. But to earn from short videos you have to agree to YouTube's terms and conditions. For this reason, joining the YouTube Partner Program is mandatory. YouTube shorts cannot be monetized if terms and conditions are not met.

It has been reported by YouTube that the income is already being generated from the shorts. And just as you can earn from ten YouTube videos, you will get the same benefit by uploading a 15 second video. Basically, depending on 3 things you can earn from YouTube shorts.

First of all, your channel should have more subscribers. Second, earnings will depend on how long viewers watch the short videos. The more viewers watch the video, the more revenue you will earn. As your exposure grows, you can tie up with different brands and earn from promotional posts.

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