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If you search the 5 things on Google, you will be jailed

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Google, one of the most popular search engines in the world, has users in almost all countries of the world. Whenever you want to know, you can find out by searching on Google. Now you don't have to dig through books to find out all the questions of your mind. Everything can be found out from Google by typing a few words. From cooking recipes to space, various things are known only through Google.

But you can be in danger by searching Google. There are some sensitive topics that can be dangerous if searched. So be careful about searching on Google. Google has its own rules. If you search for something on Google that violates Google's rules, you may be subject to legal action. You can get into jail-fine trouble. Be careful in the new year. Let's know about 5 such things. Things you should never google:

How are bombs made?
Never ask Google about this. Searching for such topics in search engines can be daunting. If you google how to make a bomb, you can become a target of government security personnel and search engine operators. After that, they will be under surveillance all the time. All your activities will be recorded.

Anything related to criminal activity
Don't search Google for anything that you find offensive. For example, if you go to Google to see the price of a gun, or to see the model of a gun to scare someone or attack someone, you can go to jail just for searching. Searching for such incriminating information can always be dangerous. Also, searching for narcotics, illegal or contraband products can be quite risky for you.

Regarding child pornography
Many search for adult content or pornography on Google. It is very dangerous. Searching or sharing child pornography in particular is a crime. Searching for any content or topics related to child pornography in different parts of the world is not taken kindly by Google. If you search for it, Google can sue you for violation of rules and laws.

Any word on abortion
If you search something related to abortion on Google, you can be in danger. It is legally prohibited in many countries. Even getting an abortion without a doctor's advice is very dangerous. So searching for abortion method on Google is also a crime, for which Google can take legal action against you.

Exposing the victim's identity
Any information relating to the identity or circumstances of the victim of sexual harassment must be kept confidential. The Supreme Court had ruled that revealing the identity of such victims in print or digital media could lead to severe punishment. If you expose the victim's identity on Google search or Google on such matters, you may go to jail.

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